Everybody Loves Rhiannon

I have proof!

12 June 1985
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The name's Rhiannon. Not much else to say.

"do i know you?", 3am, 80s, 80s music, abuse, ac/dc, bad taste, bananas, band, band dorks, band practice, beat the geeks, being hurt, being spooned, black sabbath, blinkerfluid, body modification, bon jovi, bondage... somewhat..., boys, causing problems, cheap, cheesy pickup lines, cherry poppin' daddies, clockwork orange, collarbones, comedy central, conan o'brien, concerts, cotton pajama pants, craigslist, crying, cuddling, dark room, denny's, denny's drama, drama, duct tape, eating, eating babies, envy, etc (meaning everything else), ewe, feeling like shit, film, flip flops, friends, fucking everything up, fun socks, getting burned, getting smacked, getting tattoos, girls in suede, guitar, guns n roses, guys, hair dye, hating everyone, hating me, hating you, hey ya, holding hands, hurt, im, ink, irony, jackass, jeans, kevin smith, kissing, kittens, knowledge, laying, locks, locksmithing, low tolerance, masochism, movies, mr.rogers, mst3k, music, musicals, mutilation, my mom, my pain, not stopping you, old-school barbie, pain, piercings, pirates, pumpkin pie cake, rainbows, reading, reclining, relaxing, ren & stimpy, resting, rush, saved by the bell, scars, schwank, schwank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, self destruction, settling down, sex, sexy, simpsons, sitting, sleeping, snuggling, spooning, stand up comedy, stupid internet surveys, sublime, submitting, suffering, sushi, tattoos, the breakfast club, the dark room, the disney channel, the internet, the kink, the simpsons, theater, thinking, tickles, tim burton, trogdor, trouble, tv, tying me up, tying you up, uphill both ways, van halen, walking, white trash, your mom