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Everybody Loves Rhiannon
I have proof!
exhaustion and a bonus recipe! 
Jul-2nd-2008 10:24 pm
Since I've been so unbelievably busy lately (between working, Peach, Nancy getting in a car accident and needing extra Peachcare, Nancy's planned knee surgery today requiring even more Peachcare, Vacation which means doing way more things that usual because I have the time to do them, etc...) I decided tonight I would go home and craft in front of a movie in my underwear. So I went to Officedepot to figure out and print the last few pages of my awesome6' x 5' rasterbation of this image, Safeway to pick up some dinner supplies (chicken, half and half for tomorrow, ice cream for life, you know how it is) and came on home.

Since I decided when I got home that dealing with the fucking woman at the Officedepot justified a drink, and I hadn't eaten since lunch, one glass of bourbon = COMEDY GOLD. And being a little drunk, and hungry to boot,  I decided to scrap the idea for chicken-cheesy-pesto-pasta and went straight for the FAJITAs.

And so, internets, I give you, the recipe. THE recipe. The "What Rhiannon cooks for dinner when she wants to cook something AWESOME but not anything complicated or too terribly unhealthy." Recipe. Because I'm a giver.

2 SPOONFULS OF MINCED GARLIC (I don't know how much actual garlic this is. I'm super lazy and use the pre-minced stuff.)
2 CHICKEN BREASTS (I use the frozen ones. They're huge. I thaw them a bit in the microwave, then, while they're still half frozen in the middle, cut them into skinny strips. Emmy taught me this trick, and for that I will be forever grateful.)

So first, you put some oil in the pan. You decide how fancy. Turn on the heat. About Medium. No big deal. Then, you put all the onions in. Let them cook a bit at medium heat. You want them to get nahce and sawft. Once they're well on their way, add the garlic. Stir it around a bit. Oil things up. NICE. Then, you turn the heat down a bit, and cover it.  I said COVER IT! It makes a difference. The onions are all sweet and stuff, and you don't have to wait as long. I put it all into a pile and then cover it with the domed lid of the pot we used to boil noodles. Works great. You'll hear some noise. Turn down the heat a little more. There you go.
Every once in a while, check on the delicious happening under that cover. Don't let them burn. I mean, you can, but it's not as awesome. Except for tonight, for some reason tonight, there was a little bit of black, and it rocked my face off.
Anyway, once the onions are pretty soft, and the garlic's smellin' good, flatten it out on the pan, spreading it all over, then turn the heat up way high. Like, WAY. You're gonna take your little chicken strippeties, and lay 'em out, pretty quick, over the delicious. They're gonna cook quick, real quick if you cut 'em real thin. It's ok, it's the way it's supposed to be. Anyway, lay 'em out in the pan, let 'em cook. When they're obviously done on the bottom (White, cooked, not pink, and have a little bit of brown on them, I usually go by if the white cooked bit is encroaching on the top of the pink, exposed bit), flip 'em. LICKETY SPLIT, because you want them all done at about the same time so you can eat them while they're stll hot.
Then you scoop them into your serving dish of choice. I like my mouth. Or, you could share with your roommates.

I like to put them onto tortillas I warmed up in the microwave, and then slather on some sour cream. Some people like salsa, or ketchup (blech), or barbecue sauce, whatever. I like it plain, because the onions and garlic I just slaved over are THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD and I like them just as they are.

I guess, technically, they're fajitas, right?

Anyway, enjoy, and if you make this for your children, you have to tell them that a fat California girl with pink hair taught you all you know and that you're a disgrace to parenthood. It's in the contract, how you get out of paying me for it.

I'm so not getting to the crafting portion of my evening. I see ice cream and passing out in a pile of Rhiannon in my very near future.
Jul-3rd-2008 09:47 am (UTC) - Helllo

I am curiouser man from place we not have Fajinas. I am like cook fajinas. Now. I am wonder--is kind of Creative common licences? I don not want to say to my dotter, "you" are disgrace, parenthood!?! Not good thing. So I thinkyou have to do this too. I wonder i will teach you to cook yurguz, you will say the silly chicken blood is inferior to yak blood. I will teach. Creative Common say "you disgrace parenthood for your fajinas!!!! this will say" Any way, I will say good bye and you will know yurguz.

Thanks to kindness,

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