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Everybody Loves Rhiannon
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what i said lately 
Apr-20th-2005 03:50 pm - APB
if someone would be interested in doing our own version of "clean sweep", (where someone comes to my house, tells me what i need to keep and what needs to get tossed, helps me clean it up, and generally bosses me around and doesn't take my bullshit) my house needs a serious overhauling.

i'd be willing to provide lunch, dinner, whatever. but i just need a couple of people to come over one solid day, we get rid of everything i dont need, don't really need, have been holding on to for no reason, etc, we toss it all, take it to the dump, good will, etc. and clean the rest.

you will be able to boss me around
you will not take my bullshit
you will not let me take ridiculous breaks
you will be like the people on clean sweep

a knowledge of fixing things a plus, as i'm only good at fixing some things.
being able to make heavy things move, with help, would be good also, as i have some big stuff.

i have some stuff i need to get rid of. included is a loveseat sofa, some various shelving stuff, clothes, some kitchen stuff, etc. if anyone needs something specific, who knows, i might have it, leave a comment. i'd rather things went to people who want/will use them.

Apr-7th-2005 04:41 pm - oh my god!!
rainbow connection
when this becomes commercially available, i want it. someone buy it for me and i'll marry you.

rainbow connection
i want a projection television. always have. i want to project movies on the wall, instead of a television. i see no reason why this shouldn't be possible, and even have a few of my own ideas. if someone wants to give me a hand with this, or knows where i can find a cheap projector (think the one in ms. ramos's room, or cottrell and ahpo used for reunion, or hte one at teh dark room) gimme a call. I WANTS IT, MY PRECIOUS!

Mar-8th-2005 04:28 pm - ok, here's what i want
i want all the nifty shit.

if soemone wants to help me figure out how to make a new layout, and my own mood theme (i already have ideas!!) and all kinds of nifty shit!!

i'll love you forever, and give you anything you want. ANYHTING. please please please!!1!
rainbow connection
if you ever wondered what to get me, if you wanted to get me a present, my birthday, christmas, whatever, anything from the landoverbaptist.org store at cafepress will do wonderfully.

this is going in my memories, and will be public. this needs to be a reference for everyone. =P
Sep-13th-2004 08:37 am(no subject)
rainbow connection
ah, last night was fun. went up to mount tam and looked at prettyness with mike.

today, the plan is as follows:
now: get dressed and clean up car
10:15: depo
after that: get a hard copy FAFSA and drive down to dad's house. i'm getting him to sign it, dammit.
then: have a meal with kelly ray, cuz i promised.
after that: go home.
somewhere in the middle: go by radioshack or walmart and buy a cdplayer with a carkit. dammit, i need onea those
Sep-12th-2004 09:56 pm(no subject)
rainbow connection
oh my god! you survived without me posting like 18 times a day!
so saturday, we went to clue again. saw chicken as well. great play. i'd reccomend it, but it closed on saturday.
great play.
went to work. was gonna go to opera in the park after, but realized i'm lame and the barbecue was today, so i went to that. alexia came! we had fun. i was with catherine jeanne from 9 to 5 today. fuckin believe it.

picked up mike, went to mount tamalpais. looked at shtuff.
went to jack n hte box's

went home

man, i'm sleepy.
Sep-11th-2004 12:33 am - ah, clue
rainbow connection
went and saw clue with alexia. still can't get over driving. i tried to grab the buckle on the left, and then realized why it wasn't there.
anyway, then we went to john's and picked him up. eventually decided on sitting on teh beach. we all practically fell asleep on the beach, snuggling in da blankets.

now i'm home, andsleepy. i washed the sand out of my toes, and dave attell is singing me to sleep. all is well.

(ps, bonus points for figuring out where the noise quote is from)
Sep-9th-2004 08:01 pm(no subject)
rainbow connection
i did it. i came out to mom.
"but rhiannon, if you're straight, you haven't had much luck with the guys either... unless there's something you're not telling me...?"
"mom, i'm not all that absorbed in looking for a boyfriend. but thanks for the confidence."

and i hella missed the premiere of "joey". dammit.
Sep-8th-2004 04:35 pm(no subject)
rainbow connection
i totally rocked that interview's face.

they kept on asking me questions i was not only totally prepared for, but also totally went well for me and them. as in, YEAH!

and i just got a call from vickie, so i'm not working tonight, yeah!

time to watch TV!
Sep-8th-2004 03:12 pm - THE BIG DAY!
rainbow connection
so today, i have an interview with the brisbane rec to do all kinds of stuff that i never did with ahpo, just kind of helped and watched. i get to plan stuff? and do stuff? i think it's kind of like holly or martina. i think that's what i'd be doing, what i will be doing, since I'M GOING TO GET THIS JOB!
it pays bank, and its gonna be way more fun than the lock shop, and yeehah! i mean, who woulda thunk, 2 jobs that both go to my wanted career in life?

anyway, so i'm showered, because apparently the shower i took this morning wasn't good enough. and i'm air-drying, because its fuckin hot. i had a good lunch, i learned how to use a pick gun, today at work. damn its hot.

anyway, so now i'm going to go shake my head until it dries, then eat some ice cream, then go!

yay rhiannon!
Sep-7th-2004 08:41 pm - stupid church.
rainbow connection
So i was at work. that was ok, i guess. fixed some of the network, so now i can access the files from the old computer on the desk because for soem reason, they loaded all my files onto greg's computer, then moved my computer into the ffront, then wiped it...

anyway, so i'm a computer jeenius, and i fixed it like a muthafucka.

anyway, so i went to big lots and bought coloring books for my kids. a spider man one! and one aobut horses or something. went to safeway, hey clint, i saw francesca. anyway, went to safeway, got some salad and soem chicken strips, went ot church. started coloring and eating. chuck and lonna showed up, no ruby. she's with BC. ok. wait for catherine. catherine's gramma shows, i figure, i'll start building the giant fall tree i'm making for fall. i got pretty far. i made all these intricate little branches. anyway, so i get tired about 9, 9:15. idecide its bedtime. so i pack all my stuff up, set out all my little tree branches to dry, and get in my car and go. as i'm leaving, who should come out but jenn, catherine's mom. SON OF A BITCH! like, what the fuck. thanks for telling me you were here and your damned daughter was at home. jesus christ.

so i went the fuck home.

sunday, church barbecue. see you then alexia.
Sep-6th-2004 09:18 pm - i do so love that girl.
rainbow connection
so mom came home. shes still all flippy from being away, she was all exhausted. we went to baghdad cafe, got burgers, she ate hers, and broke her tooth into a million pieces. oh my fucking god. broke her tooth. i can't fucking believe it.

anyway, went and sat with alexia. we always talk about going somewhere and just sitting and talking, but we always end up doing something. lame. no, we've started doing stuff that is wonderful. like sitting places and chittychatting. yeehah.

i'm going to bed. totally.
Sep-6th-2004 04:21 pm(no subject)
rainbow connection
shes' been home all day, and she didn't call.

stupid mother.
rainbow connection
who THE HELL thought it was a good idea to put a tv in the front of the fridge? LG is the reason that america will go from 30% obese to 60%. this is the most horrible advance in technology ever.

Sep-6th-2004 12:45 pm(no subject)
rainbow connection
someone please save me from the west wing marathon and moose tracks ice cream. because i'll stay here all day contentedly unless properly motivated.
Sep-6th-2004 10:39 am - fuck, man, just, FUCK!
rainbow connection
fuck yeah.

so get off work, mike's there, the dear. go to the girls house, pick her up. drive...north? yes. i didnt get it either. anyway, get to la concerta. hot as hell.

thin lizzie: fun times. we spent part of the set sitting on a bench in the shade, so we didn't pay a whole lotta attention.
memorable tunes: "boys are back in town"

BLUE OYSTER CULT!: ooh yeah. the they might be giants of the seventies. they ended with the giant solos. love. lead singer was not wearing a leisure suit.
memorable tunes: "godzilla!" "burnin for you"

Dokken: so i'm not the hugest Dokken fan, in fact i thought their name was spelled dachen, but apparently not. anyway, i dont think i knew many of the songs, but i enjoyed it nonetheless.

JOE SATRIANI!!: man oh fuckin man, this guy and his guitar. and he was having so much fun. at that point, the screens were on, it was dark enough, and you could see his face, he was just grinnin and laughin and havin a fun time.
memorable quotes: "i wanted to write a song with an environmental message, but then i realized no one would know what i was talking about if there were no words"

DEEP PURPLE!:ok. so for the intro and for all of "my woman from tokyo", the lead singer's mic wasnt on. all these guys were booing, assholes. dude, this guy knew his mic was off. he was still singing, you could hear him a bit from the ambient mics. he was rockin the fuck out, trying everything possible. that's showmanship. i cheered my ass off. then he got the mic, made a little joke, and they took off. mike liked the bassist's bandanna, i thought the guitar player was hot. man, he could play. ding a ding a ding a ding.
set ends, they thank the crew for fixing hte mic mishap (big props) they thank the crowd, they go back, then htey come back and encore with this new song and "hush" which i forgot they did. man, it was awesome.
memorable tunes: "smoke on the water" "highway star" "space truckin" "my woman from tokyo" "hush"

we were gonna go for bad-for-me food afterwards, but mike fell asleep in the backseat (the angel! man, i love saying that about people when they're sleeping) so we skipped the grease for getting him home since he had to work today. can you fucking believe that? today? i dont have to work today. anyway, so me and alexia looked for grease, but both jack n the box and wendy's drive -throughs were closed. sons of bitches. so i just dropped that beautiful girl home, and went home, and managed to get my teeth brushed before i fell asleep.

now, its fuckin hot, i'm feelin kinda sick. ga-ross.

i can already tell i'm not going to get anything productive done today. dammit.
Sep-5th-2004 07:08 am(no subject)
rainbow connection

that's right, mutha fuckas

Sep-4th-2004 10:26 pm - mm, day offynness...
rainbow connection
woke up noonish, after a wonderful night with my alexia, and sat around for a while. watched television. i think today, i watched city of angels, 90210, comedy central, vh1, and sweet november.

went grocery shopping,

went cigarette shopping.

called mike, phone wouldnt call him. exhcanged the hated text messages iwth him. picked him up when he got off work and went and had hte wonderful dinner time. met his roomates. mixed bag.

went and sat at stow lake and had our first big talk, i think. i <3 that boy, dammit. LESS THAN THREE!!1

now i'm goiing to sleep. i had a big yummzy dinner and delicious after dinner conversation.

nanight people!

(or maybe i'll just fall asleep in front oof roseanne)
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