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Everybody Loves Rhiannon
I have proof!
While I am not usually given to self-congratulation... 
Jan-13th-2009 01:35 pm
macaroni and cheese
Today while making and eating breakfast, all I could imagine were two Rhiannons, sitting at the kitchen table, one wearing a top hat, the other wearing a monocle (but from the waist down were wearing the same thing I'm wearing, orange sweatpant shorts and a navy and white horizontal striped nightie with a big pink anchor on the front) having this conversation:

Monocle: "Why, Rhiannon, this cup of coffee is quite simply superb"
Top Hat: "Why thank you, Rhiannon. It is fine, indeed. And speaking of fine, this scrambled egg sandwich is absolutely divine. What IS the secret ingredient?"
Monocle: "I don't pre-cook the onions. I find it helps with the texture. But really. What is it about this coffee that warms my heart so, Rhiannon?"
Top Hat: "Onions! My word! And...Jack cheese? All the way from Monterey? Why, you gourmet! And think nothing of the coffee, It's simply a Kona/Sumatra blend."
Monocle: "Ah! That would explain it. And yes, I get my Jack Cheese all the way from Monterey. There's this local boutique. Safe... something. Anyway, they ship it for me specially. I find it goes well with their special "Whole Wheat" Bread, don't you? In fact, the sublime coffee you made this fine afternoon really brings out it's undertones of hazelnut, I think."
Top Hat: "My, aren't we the cleverest couple of breakfast makers awake in this apartment at this moment?!"

(and then they both chortle in a distinctly British fashion)
Jan-14th-2009 12:48 am (UTC)
I just read that allowed in my old british man voice for the enjoyment of all. I love you
Jan-14th-2009 01:11 am (UTC) - My Diagnosis
Oh dear. I think you may have something called "Worsley's Supplement," albeit with a bizarre anglophiliac influence. From The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases, p. 179:

"Worsley's Supplement, the cause of which is unknown, causes disjunction between physical and mental perception. The sufferer becomes convinced that there is always one more of something available than he can actually count. Thus, if there are three hedgehogs on a desk, he believes there must be one more, though he cannot physically perceive it. If he can momentarily convince himself, through an act of misguided will, that there are in fact four hedgehogs, then he will slowly become uneasy, eventually convincing himself that there is always one hedgehog still uncounted."

Cures include bandaging the eyes and staying away from Antarctica. There's no Antarctica in that coffee, is there?
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